5 Easy Steps to Lower Air Conditioning Cost

5 Easy Steps to Lower Air Conditioning Cost

Air Conditioning is a significant part of most people’s lives, but not everyone is happy with the cost of it. Donna Boyle Schwartz of bob vila suggests several different ways to help lower air conditioning bills.

Buy the Right System

Air Conditioners come in several different sizes, and it is essential to make sure you buy one that is correctly sized for your home. It can be easy to think a larger unit would be a great choice, but that is not the case. Schwartz mentions that oversized units often turn on and off too quickly, which doesn’t give them enough time to remove humidity and regulate temperature. However, she also mentions that a system that is too small will run continuously, which will shorten its lifespan. A constantly running air conditioner is sure to make your bills go up.

Correct Positioning of Thermostat and Vents

You may not think where you put your thermostat matters, but it does. Most people seem to put the thermostat on the main floor, which makes sense, but the location on the main floor is important as well. Schwartz says that putting it into direct sunlight can cause it to perceive the temperature as higher, which can make it run harder than it needs to. Along with this, she says, it’s important to make sure that you don’t cover your vents with the furniture as it can inhibit airflow.

Cleaning Your Filter

Cleaning the filter in your unit is not something everyone thinks about, but it is an essential part of keeping your system running smoothly. Schwartz says, “A clean filter significantly improves an air conditioner’s efficiency, lowering your energy consumption by 5 to 15 percent. “Let’s say your monthly bill is $100. Cleaning your filter could potentially save you $5-$15 a month. That adds up!

Cleaning the Coils

It’s easy to place your air conditioning unit, and then essentially forget about it. Placement and care of your outdoor unit are essential. Schwartz discusses that plants and leaves getting stuck in the coils can block airflow and insulate the coils. This results in a reduced ability to manage heat. Make sure that you are keeping plants from growing up around your unit, and clear off any plants or debris that may land on it.

Do Routine Maintenance

HVAC people are great at making sure your unit is in good working order. Make sure that you are getting regular maintenance done on your unit to make sure it is in its best possible condition. Get the services of Heating and Cooling Plantation FL, and the surrounding areas.

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