Emergency Heat Facts That One Should Know

Emergency Heat Facts That One Should Know

If your heat pump relies exclusively on its secondary heat sources like electricity or gas, it is said to be going on accident heat. These pointers here will answer many of the often asked questions to HVAC Service Plantation FL.

7 Factors Related to Your Heat System That One Should Know in the Emergency:

  1. Every heat pump features an electric coil strip that is heated using secondary heat sources. The heat is then pumped to all of the house’s connected rooms. Once you turn on the emergency heat, the heat pump ignores the primary heat source.
  2. It usually’s expensive to run an emergency heating system around the house, especially when using an electric backup. The longer you leave the emergency heat on, the more money you’ll spend on power.
  3. If you must use the emergency backup, it is highly recommended to utilize gas or oil instead of electricity because they are less expensive.
  4. If the temperature drops to dangerously low levels, your furnace may struggle to keep up. This is when your backup emergency heating system comes in handy! This should keep you warm enough until your HVAC professional, like Heat Pump Service in Davie, FL, can come out and fix your central system.
  5. Your HVAC system will not have an emergency option if you live in a southern region. So don’t worry if you can’t find the emergency heat setting; these are developed for northern climates with harsh winters.
  6. Your emergency heat indicator light is activated for only two reasons. One is that you turned on your emergency heat. However, if you do not turn on your emergency heat and the light is lit, your main heat pump may malfunction. When your HVAC system senses a problem, it will usually notify you in this manner.
  7. Check your HVAC system for damage before turning on emergency heat. You can also call HVAC Service Plantation FL to check whether the outdoor unit is working correctly. Winter storm damage and a frozen unit caused by a water leak could be blamed.

As soon as you turn on emergency heat, make sure to schedule an appointment with your HVAC professional like HVAC Contractor Davie FL to get your unit serviced.

  1. Auxiliary heating comes in when the heat pump is on, but there’s a gap between the temperature you select on your thermostat and the actual inside temperature. Depending on your repair schedule, emergency heat requires a manual switch and may need to operate for hours or days.
  2. It is not a good idea to turn off the emergency heat. Once external temperatures drop below a specific temperature, your heating system will not work if you switch it off.
  3. When the outside warmth drops below 30°F, and the heat pump can’t warm to the temperature set on the thermostat, the emergency heat will immediately switch on.

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