How Come My Heater Won’t Turn On?

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How Come My Heater Won’t Turn On?

Turning on your electric heater in the dead of winter and finding out that it can no longer do its job can mean a few days of extreme discomfort. To make matters worse, heaters can go off due to a variety of reasons which in some cases result in a desperate need for heat pump service in Davie, FL. If you discover yourself in that location are looking to prevent it, here are a few reasons why your heating system may not be turning on and how to fix it. 

5 Reasons Your Heating System Is Not Turning On 

Whether your heating system is a heat pump or a furnace, the issues you may face with its inability to turn on may be the same. These reasons include – 

1. Irregular Maintenance

One of the most common causes for this problem is that homeowners may not hire regular HVAC service Plantation FL. This means that components like air filters, blower motors, and flame sensors are all covered with dirt. Therefore, there are chances that this dirt is restricting the heating system from properly functioning. 

2. Broken Blower Capacitor

Every capacitor in a heating system has a tolerance level, meaning that if the temperature is calibrated below this level, it will result in the capacitor breaking. A dying capacitor will mean that the thermostat will no longer be able to work. Therefore, it is essential to detect and replace a dying blower capacitor before it causes more harm. 

3. Non-Functional Starting Components

When it comes to heat pumps, the starting components may become non-functional, resulting in their inability to turn on. In most cases, dead starting components will mean that the blower or the outdoor unit will not function. Therefore, the entire system may not turn on. 

4. Decreased Refrigerant

Another problem with heat pumps is that they may not be starting because of the low level of the refrigerant present in the system; if this happens, there is a chance that it might cause the heat strips in the unit to heat up more frequently as well. This can cause further damage resulting in expensive utility bills as well as significant damages. 

5. Cracked Heat Exchanger

If there are cracks present in the heat exchanger, it will need replacement as the heating system will no longer be able to turn on or function properly. This is because a cracked heat exchanger can result in low airflow and other low-efficiency issues. In addition to this, the carbon dioxide present in the exchanger will leak out.

In all the above cases, the only option that one has is to call in professional services like thermostat repair Plantation FL, to ensure replace or fix the components that have sustained damage. More minor repairs like replacing an air filter can be done by the homeowner. 

However, the most critical aspect of ensuring that the furnace will function appropriately for a long time, regular maintenance is essential. Therefore, consider hiring for all your heating system needs. To book an appointment today, call 954-591-7139.

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