How Much Do I Need to Invest for Buying A New Heat Pump?

How Much Do I Need to Invest for Buying A New Heat Pump?

Many homeowners in Fort Lauderdale run their inefficient and old heat pump through many winters to avoid buying a new one. The reason is simple, purchasing a new heat pump is a colossal investment, and sometimes people are not ready for that. As a result, those Fort Lauderdale homeowners face huge discomfort during winter, and they frequently call Daily AC Inc for Heat Pump Service Davie FL.

Buying a new heat pump is still a better idea to save a lot of money in the long run. Because a new heat pump runs efficiently and reduces your monthly energy cost.

If you are not sure about the right heat pump for your home and how much you may need to invest, you must thoroughly read this article.

How Much Does A New Heat Pump Cost?

The price of a heat pump depends upon various factors, including the brand you choose, the features you want, and the size that you require. But the average cost to install a new heat pump typically ranges between $4500 to $9000. Sometimes the high-end brands may cost you more than $10,000.

In the price we stated above, you can expect all the costs to be included, such as:

  • Cost of the System
  • Permits and Labor
  • Materials and Equipment for Installation

Heat pumps run more efficiently than other heating devices. And installing a new heat pump can lower your bill by as much as 40%. As a bonus, it replaces your central air conditioning unit. Those living in the windy climate of Fort Lauderdale must prefer investing in a new heat pump.

If you want to know about the heat pump prices in detail, keep reading.

Daily AC Inc is an authorized dealer and service provider of Goodman heat pumps. And we will tell you about the factors that cause differences in heat pump prices and how much the heat pumps cost.

Heat Pump Prices by Size 

You always need to pick the perfect size heat pump for your home. Our HVAC technicians can evaluate your home’s heating needs depending upon the square footage and suggest you the best size heat pump. If you have a 2000 square foot home, you must use a 3.5-ton unit, and it will cost you around $6000, including the installation.

Heat Pump Prices by Model 

The price of a Goodman heat pump varies depending upon the model because the different model has a different SEER rating. The standard efficiency SEER rating that we suggest ranges from 13 to 16 SEER. And a 16 SEER rating heat pump may cost you around $5500, including installation.

Why Goodman Heat Pumps? 

Goodman is a great brand that manufactures reliable heating and cooling units on a budget. You can expect decent energy efficiency from all the heat pump models of Goodman.

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