Keeping House Cool: Experts Weigh In!

Keeping House Cool: Experts Weigh In!

Summer means barbecues, beaches, and pools for many people. However, there are days when the scorching summer sun isn’t so enjoyable, and turning on the air conditioner at home seems to be your only choice. 

We’ve all had those moments where you just want to turn your house into a freezer and forget about your next quarter’s energy bill. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the high energy consumption associated with cooling houses in the summer leads to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. 

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  • If you’re not at home, adjust the blinds to keep direct sunlight out, run the air handler fans in continuous mode, and don’t set the temperature too far below the set point.
  • Keep your home’s air flowing. Evaporation from the skin is increased by air movement, making space feel 2 to 3 degrees colder than it is.
  • Ceiling fans, portable fans, and whole-house fans have traditionally performed this role. Don’t forget about your home’s heating and cooling system, though. Set the thermostat on “Fan Only”, and the device can circulate air in your home without using the air conditioner.

Here are some tips you can have in your mind!


  • Close the drapes: Close your blinds, particularly on north and west-facing windows, to keep your home cool. Better still, invest in some black-out curtains to keep the heat out of your home throughout the summer.
  • Block the heat: External coverings such as blinds, awnings, or large potted plants may provide shade for windows and walls. Plant deciduous trees that provide shade in the summer but allow the sun to shine through in the winter. If you can, get window tinting and upgrade your ceiling insulation to help keep the heat in throughout the winter.
  • Adjust ceiling fans in the proper direction: Ceiling fans will appear to force hot air around your home rather than cool it down at times. Fans that do not rotate counter-clockwise might be doing exactly that! They can also be used to supplement other forms of ventilation, so making sure they spin in the right direction can make a big difference in your home’s temperature.
  • Close doors and fill in cracks: To keep cool air where you need it most, close doors to rooms you aren’t using. To keep cold air from escaping, seal holes around doors and windows and use draught excluders. Note: If you open some doors and windows to improve airflow through the house, evaporative air conditioners will be more efficient.
  • Replace the light bulbs: Incandescent light bulbs could be to blame if you’re having trouble cooling your home and can’t figure out why. Since they generate a lot of heat, switching to energy-saving bulbs will help cool your home while still saving you money on energy bills – it’s a win-win!

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