Should You Turn Your AC Off During A Thunderstorm?

Should You Turn Your AC Off During A Thunderstorm?

Thunderstorms can do unforeseen damage to your house and the AC unit when left ON, and even though there are ways to use and safeguard the AC. 

Read More About what Components Of Your AC Would Be Affected If Lightning Strikes The Ground. 

We recommend you keep the power off till the storm passes. 

The effects of lightning on an AC

When lightning strikes your air conditioner, it can damage multiple components. However, if your air conditioner is turned off, the following parts may only sustain minor damage, if any at all.


Turning off your air conditioner prevents lightning from being drawn to your electric lines, which could blow your switch or melt your fuses in the worst-case situation. But do not worry. Contact technicians for AC tune-up in Plantation, FL, for quality service at reasonable prices.


Turning off your air conditioner protects your cables from lightning damage. But, if you smell the wires burning or doubt that the wires may have caught the lightning, call us for AC repair in Davie immediately. 


Of all the components in your air conditioner, the capacitor is the most vulnerable to lightning. If something goes wrong with your capacitor, it can produce a chain reaction with other elements in your unit, leading to multiple parts malfunctioning simultaneously. 


You don’t want anything to go wrong with your compressor. Unfortunately, it not only takes the longest to analyze whether it has been damaged, but it is also one of the most expensive parts to repair if it has to be.

Protect Your AC Unit During a Thunderstorm Following These Tips

1.Lightning protection system

Surge protectors, despite their name, do not provide adequate protection when lightning strikes; however, installing a protection system can reduce the risk of your device being charred. 

You’ll be building an alternate channel for lightning to reach the earth using lightning rods, conductors, and ground rods so that lightning won’t pass through the home’s electrical system.

2.Switch off the AC 

Remember, the only sure approach to avoid electrical hazards during a storm is to turn off your air conditioner as soon as lightning appears. Because the refrigerant in your air conditioner is nonflammable, you won’t have to worry about any spontaneous fire hazards, and you won’t have to unhook anything. Set your thermostat to prevent the system from running and wait for the storm to pass.

3.Call a professional 

Even when you’ve thoroughly inspected the system, there will be something you have overlooked, something so minor that it can only be seen by a professional. Who can check all parts of your unit and specialize in multiple areas, be it air filter replacement in Davie, FL, AC installation, or just a regular inspection?

Daily A/C Inc.’s skilled technicians provide heating and cooling services to homes and businesses in all of Davie, FL. Lightning storms are frightening, but being without air conditioning on a hot day is even more so! So don’t suffer in the heat without your air conditioning – give us at (954) 591-7139 or email us today.


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