What Is The Best Temperature For AC?

What Is The Best Temperature For AC?

The energy consumption of an AC is higher than that of nearly every other appliance in the average home. Thus, keeping your air conditioner set at the correct temperature is essential to maximize energy efficiency and savings. In addition, you can achieve better sleep with the help of a comfortable air conditioning setting and other practices.

The Ideal Temperature For Your AC.

Consider the season and whether or not you’ll be home when deciding what temperature to set your thermostat to. Then, instead of putting the thermostat on and leaving it alone, get in touch with an expert for air conditioning repair in Plantation, FL, to find the optimal temperature for your home’s energy needs.

Seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for your air conditioner at home. However, it’s best to set the air conditioner to 88 degrees Fahrenheit while you’re gone.

Consider Installing a Smart Thermostat.

If you have a programmable system installed on your air conditioner, you can set the temperature at any hour of daylight. Smart thermostats have all the exact parts as programmable thermostats, plus they can tell when you come and go from home and adjust the temperature accordingly.

When your smart thermostat gets to know your preferences, it will automatically keep your home at that temperature. As a result, you can save money without having to fiddle with the thermostat constantly.

Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency.

  1. Natural ventilation
    To naturally cool your home, open the windows in the mornings and evenings when it is cooler outside. With the windows open, you can let in some fresh air and eliminate the dust and allergens that have been building up inside your house.
  2. Using fans
    To feel more comfortable in warmer temperatures, fans (ceiling fans or portable ones) can help move the cool air around the room. To conserve energy, turn off the fans when you leave the room.
  3. Regular tune-up
    Keeping up with routine maintenance with an AC tune-up in plantation FL on your air conditioner, like changing the filter and cleaning the components, can keep it running at peak efficiency and save you money. Maintenance checks can also find minor problems before they get big and cost a lot to fix.
Hire us for maintenance.

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