Why Won’t My Heating System Turn On?


Why Won’t My Heating System Turn On?

The heating system serves as one of the essential assets during winter. It keeps the in-house temperature warm and cozy while it is cold outside. But, like any other machine, it requires routine maintenance or tune-up for efficient operation.

Many times, the heat pump stops working all of a sudden. It can disturb the daily routine of the residents and can bring a lot of discomforts

6 Reasons Why Your Heating System Won’t Turn On:

1. Low Refrigerant Level

With time and usage, the refrigerant level will get low and need a recharge. When the unit is low on refrigerant, it often leads to the overheating of the unit and can cause the compressor of the motor to fail, leading to a hike in the energy bills.

Refrigerants are responsible for cooling the unit, but when the level decreases, it can even lead to the breakdown of the unit due to overheating. Homeowners must call for an expert in heat pump services in Davie, Floridawhen they experience heat strips.

3. Lack Of Regular Maintenance

During winter, the heating system works extensively to provide a comfortable temperature inside the house. And lack of maintenance can be one of the causes of faulty heating systems, leading to problems, like dirty air filters and blowers preventing the machine from turning on.

When blower motors are clogged, they disturb the functioning of the heat exchanger and do not produce the optimum amount of cool air to keep the system’s heat in control. Therefore, homeowners must keep inspecting the unit to ensure that it is clean and functioning well. 

4. Loss Of Electrical Power

It is one of the various obvious causes if the heater doesn’t switch on. The wiring can go wrong. The heating system relies on electrical power, and it needs the energy to power the fan and other components. Often, a sudden surge in power can affect the breakers associated with the functioning of the unit.

One can quickly solve it, keeping a distance from the unit to electrocute themselves. First, one must call an expert in heating and cool in Plantation, FLto check the frayed wires and inspect the other unit parts.

5. Inducer Draft Motor Fault

The draft inducer is responsible for clearing the heat exchanger of excess gas from a prior cycle and removing the excess gas from the system. They are likely to burn out when a large amount of electricity is pulled in. 

Dust accumulation on the unit can also force the unit to shut, cutting the power from the main switch. If so, it should be repaired quickly as it can affect the working of the heat exchanger.

6. Capacitor Failure  

The capacitor is one of the main components of the heating system. It looks like a battery. It is responsible for starting the system. It is connected to the thermostat and functions as per its indication.

It has a tolerance level and ceases to function below a certain level. It has a designated RPM (Revolution per minute), and it will not start below that. It requires an immediate repair; otherwise, it can affect the bowler, increasing the repair cost.

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