Air Conditioning Service Davie, Plantation, FL

Air Conditioning Service Davie, Plantation, Fort Lauderdale, North Miami Beach, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Air Conditioning Services in Davie, Plantation ,Fort Lauderdale, North Miami Beach, FL, and Surrounding Areas We also offer fast services of ac installation in Fort Lauderdale QualityDaily AC Inc, a Florida heating and air conditioning company provides a wide range of residential and light commercial heating, air conditioning repair  Plantation FL, and ventilation services – including installation, maintenance, and repair along with AC Tune-up Davie FL. We offer free estimates for replacement on new systems, free second opinions, and the service charge is discounted if service is performed. We also offer a Preventative Maintenance Agreement which keeps your AC repair Davie and Home Heating System running at its best. Whether it is for your home or business, you can depend on our service 24 hours a day, and you can schedule service and maintenance appointments at your convenience. With experienced professionals and family values, we understand the importance of your business. That is why we have an on-call, 24-hour dispatch service ready to help you with your HVAC needs. We will also give you an on-site quote. There is no heating, ventilation, or air conditioning service  Plantation FL, AC problem we have not seen. And if we have not seen it, we are confident we have the ability to fix it for you. We service rooftops, we work with air handlers, we do electrical wiring work, we have the parts you need in stock in our warehouse – in short, we have it all. Our AC repair Davie FL is effective and amazing to get from the service experts.

Water Heater, AC & Heat Pump Tune-Up

Our experienced technicians can come on-site to perform a complete review and tune-up of your system – all without the hassle of being pressured to buy yet another unit. We charge a fair price – not a ‘get at the door’ price – that lets us do a complete and professional job for you, regardless of whether you buy new equipment from us. We will check and clean your air filters, treat drain lines, inspect the electrical wiring, inspect & calibrate the thermostat, lubricate all parts, check evaporator coils, check refrigerant, and add (one pound) Freon if needed. Call Daily AC, Inc., one of the best AC Contractors Davie FL, We offer AC repair Davie and Plantation FL are 24/7 for immediate service or choose to sign up for our maintenance plan and save on each visit.

Warranty Repair

We are authorized technicians for the manufacturers we represent. If you buy a unit from one of our participating providers – even if you did not buy it through us – we have the onsite technicians to immediately come out to your home or place of business for a quick (often same day) AC service in Davie, FL.

Design-Build – Install

For many years we have been servicing the needs of general contractors for all types of properties. From single-family homes and condominiums to office buildings, warehouses, and strip malls, our design-build expertise is unmatched. Let us design the most energy and cost-efficient HVAC system for your building project. Unlike smaller designers. We offer system design by our engineers; installations by our experienced technicians; custom sheet metal cutting & fabrication fully-stocked inventory of equipment, parts, and accessories; and all other aspects of your building or renovation project. With the awesome design and its installation the air conditioning service Plantation FL is reliable and fast.

Our Services

How Does a Central Air Conditioner Work?

Air Conditioning Services in Davie, Plantation, Fort Lauderdale, North Miami Beach, FL, and Surrounding Areas We also offer fast services of ac installation in Fort Lauderdale We provide air conditioning service in Davie to all of your home and office needs. Whether it’s a big space with central air conditioning or a small room, we can make it work.  Installation, repair, replacement, cleaning, sealing, and all types of assistance shall be given to you. Our 24/7 service helpline is here to assist you with all of your AC troubles. Our air conditioners are cost-effective and energy-efficient. While cooling down your premises, it would also reduce your power consumption by bringing down your monthly bill.

Installation and Planning

After looking at your premises or as per your request, the AC would be placed without any hassle. Our team is trained and skilled in properly installing the AC in no time.  We’ll plan and design the most effective and energy-saving system for your premises. Our inventory is unmatched. The AC installation Davie FL is remarkable to avail.

Low Cost

We offer the most justified prices in the market for any standard unit. Reduced power consumption adds to the benefit, which makes your home and office ecologically and economically sustainable. All of our costs are transparent, and no hidden charges.

Healthy Air

Our new and updated machines provide clean and healthy air throughout the premises even more efficiently.


Being the authorized technicians by the companies, you can approach us anytime. Let’s say you directly buy a unit through the company, our on-site personnel near your place could immediately come for the AC service. We can help repair all brands and models of air conditioners and not just some of them. AC Repair in Plantation, FL is effective and stupendous.


Using our air conditioning cooling system, you’ll get a well-balanced house of cool air with enough warmth. The effective system would run through your home more efficiently.

Daily AC Personnel

Our experts and technicians are the best in the business. We are the authorized dealers for more than 22 top brands in South Florida alone. None of our people would recommend you any repairs or replacements unless it is required. We make sure that you receive value for your purchase. The air conditioning repair Plantation FL must be your choice via Daily AC Inc. Air Conditioning Services in Davie, Plantation Fort Lauderdale, North Miami Beach, FL, and Surrounding Areas We also offer fast services of ac installation in Fort Lauderdale Finding a solution to suit your budget and derive effective performance from the AC is of great importance to us. We even have spare parts at our warehouses for any part urgently needed. You can get free consultation for a new air conditioning system or replacement parts.


Our air conditioners come within a warranty period of 2 years in the beginning. Some maintenance plans give you more, and you could choose to expend it. You even receive 5% off on a unit at the time of purchase. Our AC Maintenance Davie FL plans are most preferable to choose from.

Types of Air Conditioners

We have all types of ACs from our association with the top 22 manufacturers across the state – 

Air Conditioning Service Davie, Plantation, FL | AC Repair Service

Split AC

It contains two units. The compressor part of it is placed outside the room, and the main unit remains inside. Hence the unit inside won’t vibrate or make any uneasy sounds. The inside unit of the AC is placed high on the wall and takes less space.

It adds beauty to the room decoration. It consumes less electricity, though you should check its rating. A rating of 4 or 5 is considered ideal when it comes to power consumption. It is designed to cool large spaces.  It also has a timer feature enabling you to turn it on and off at regular intervals.

Our AC Service Davie FL is most consistent these days.

Window AC

A window AC is one big unit weighing 2 tons at least. It weighs more than the split AC. It is used for large premises or rooms and consumes relatively more electricity than the Split AC.

Air Handler

Air handlers are essentially used to move the air throughout your room. It acts as a blower. It operates by blowing both hot and cold air from your HVAC system. Some of the air handlers may resemble a furnace. It works well with your air conditioner or the system you are using to heat or cool your home.

Dual Inverter

A dual inverter is a twin-rotary compressor. It has a wider rotational frequency along with its energy-saving mode. This unit can turn off entirely when your room cools down. It can start every 3 minutes or so if more cooling is needed.

They don’t vibrate much and make less noise. Dual inverters consume much less electricity as compared to most ACs. It would continuously dehumidify the room, which is a feature missing in other ACs. They are expensive but save you on electricity bills.

Electricity Consumption

The consumption of electricity of a unit depends upon the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. At least 1KW energy is required to cool by a 1 ton AC. You can always check the rating mentioned on the unit to select. A higher rating means that AC would consume less power.

A non-inverter AC or a 3-star rating Ac would consume 1 unit within 1 hour. A 5-star rating air conditioner would consume much less. A split AC is more energy-efficient than a window AC. A dual inverter is the most energy-efficient unit compared to all its.

Daily AC is available in all the nearby areas. We strive hard to provide customer satisfaction. We have all the products for air conditioning, and our warehouses are fully stocked with all the replaceable parts ever needed. Our service centers are likely to be near your area. In case of an urgent requirement, our experts and technicians will reach your doorstep in no time.

All of our charges are transparent, with no extra or hidden costs for you to incur. We’ll provide the best solution and service in case of any extra repairs, although our products are long-lasting. Providing quality service regardless of the budget is of prime importance to us.

Daily AC is the best company for all your AC purchases and AC Service Plantation FL. We are open 24/7.

We are available for tune-ups and servicing in – 

  • Davie
  • North Miami Beach
  • Doral
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • West Palm Beach

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Along with the repairing, maintenance, installation, and servicing of AC Repair Near Me, We are also offering AC Service in Plantation, FL and HVAC repair Plantation FL.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

We have the air conditioning system to fit nearly all kinds of a reasonable budget. Our experts would guide you and suggest the proper AC for your home or office.

You could wipe it clean a few times a week with a dry cloth. Make sure not much dirt settles around the unit.

Window AC requires ample space for installation but is a single unit. A split AC has two units, the outer unit house the compressor. The other one is mounted on the wall. Therefore, itAs a result, it usually requires less space.

You can say that a window AC is cheaper than a split AC as it is a single unit. Servicing a window AC is also more accessible than a split AC.

It has a twin-rotary compressor with a wide rotational frequency. This has an energy-saving mode that turns off when the room cools down. It will start every 3 minutes if more cooling is needed.

These machines do not vibrate much and make less noise. Its cooling is faster compared to other types of ACs. It further enhances your room environment by regularly dehumidifying. This kind of feature cannot be found in other ACs when they are off.

Dual Inverter AC is also energy efficient, though costly at the time of purchase.

An AC. 1 ton could consume up to 1KW of electricity. It depends upon the rating, which you can see in the form of stars. A 3-star non-inverter AC may consume 1 unit within 1 hour. Try to pick a 5-star rating unit. It consumes much less power. A window AC usually consumes much more electricity than a split AC.

Dual Inverter AC is the best and economical AC. However, please note that lack of maintenance could lead to more consumption and increase your electricity bills.

A Split Ac would be ideal for the bedroom. Since the compressor is outside, it won’t make much noise or vibrate. The unit inside looks quite good and compliments the room as it is placed high on the wall.

A 1.5-ton unit would be suitable for a 160 square feet space. The high placement of the split AC ensures that ample space is cooled, and you get comfortable quickly. Inverter AC would also be good.

It is preferred to turn off the AC in such cases. Then, you can check the evaporator coil. If ice is formed in it, then there are chances of system failure. Would you please call our technician at that point? The water leaking on your floor must be coming from the ice, which is melting.

Sometimes dirty coil results in leakage as the condensed water aren’t able to flow. Sometimes it happens due to a clogged drain line, damaged insulation, or separate drain line.


Sometimes dirty coil results in leakage as the condensed water aren’t able to flow. Sometimes it happens due to a clogged drain line, damaged insulation, or separate drain line.

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