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Industrial Air Conditioning and Heating In Davie, Fort Lauderdale, North Miami Beach, FL and Surrounding Areas

What is an industrial HVAC system?

A commercial building’s HVAC system has the same purpose as a residential building’s HVAC system, i.e., to maintain a temperature of 72 degrees and a humidity level between 40 and 60 percent. It is achieved by giving the building’s occupants high-quality air. Mostly, air heating is achieved through fuel combustion. 

Air is cooled using a process that takes heated interior air and cools it using refrigerant or water-cooled systems while reducing the humidity. Fans are used in ventilation systems to bring in the necessary fresh air from the outdoors, to filter both the fresh air from the outdoors and the recycled air from inside the building, and to exhaust the polluted air from the building. 

It keeps the carbon dioxide levels below one million molecules per million. An effective ventilation system decreases the presence of unpleasant odors, lowers the concentration of gases, and prevents the spread of respiratory diseases. Contact an experienced service such as Daily AC for industrial air conditioning and heating systems in Davie, FL and the surrounding areas.

Why are HVAC systems so important in industrial buildings?

One of the most important things in industrial buildings is safeguarding the health of employees and customers. Ventilation is a process that must be carried out to maintain the appropriate level of air quality within an interior area. The air inside the building is purified because ventilation brings in clean air from the outdoors and removes contaminants from the existing air.

An HVAC system performs the following functions:

  • Control the airflow
  • Eliminates potentially harmful airborne particulates
  • Increases or decreases the atmosphere’s temperature.
A thermostat and a humidistat are examples of climate control devices within an industrial air conditioning and heating system. It is normal to have dehumidifiers, stand-alone air purifiers, and even ceiling fans as HVAC devices to insulate the interior. The two essential components in central air conditioning systems are an exterior condenser and an interior evaporator. Get in touch with Daily AC for industrial air conditioning and heating systems in Davie, FL and the surrounding areas.

How are residential and commercial HVAC systems distinct from one another?

According to our HVAC contractors in Davie, FL, residential HVAC systems and industrial HVAC systems operate similarly

  • Capacity
    The components of HVAC systems are much more significant in industrial buildings. A 5-tonne unit might be utilised in a home or business, while a 50-ton unit would be more suitable for an industrial structure. One tone of cooling corresponds to 12,000 BTU.
  • Location
    In industrial complexes, HVAC systems are often situated on rooftops or in courtyards. In residential structures, HVAC equipment is commonly located on the ground floor, close to the entry.
  • Complexity
    Industrial HVAC systems have a design that is both more complex and modular when compared to residential HVAC systems. It signifies that an individual panel box will house multiple HVAC units’ electrical and automated controls. It is important for maintaining proper climate control and making the required adjustments.


If you are considering building an industrial air conditioning system, you should contact an experienced service such as Daily AC. We are the best service providers in the region and can help you with HVAC services in Plantation, FL and the surrounding areas.


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