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When it comes to new system installs, working with an HVAC firm with certified electricians on staff saves time and money because there is no need to engage another contractor. Stay safe by allowing our professional electricians and electrical contractors to handle or solve your most difficult electric problems while saving you money on your energy costs. At Daily AC Inc. the electrical services in Davie FL, and North Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale are reliable and fast to avail at an unbeatable price.

Electrical repairs are unavoidable in any HVAC system. Every system needs energy in some way, and when that power goes off, your system stops working. Without the assistance of a qualified expert, a little electrical problem can quickly escalate into a much larger one.

Unless you’ve had sufficient training, working with electrical wire poses a lot of dangers. Whether you require panel improvements, rewire your home, or work on any circuit-related problem, we offer the solution for you. We offer both commercial and residential services for your comfort.

Electric services for resident


We specialize in this type of repair as well as all other typical household electrical difficulties. We give personalized, long-term solutions rather than quick fixes that may require servicing again after some time.

When fixing house wiring, installing lights or receptacles, repairing or upgrading electrical panels or circuit breakers, or performing any other domestic electrical maintenance or installation job is to guarantee that the electrical circuits in your home are safe for years to come. Allow one of our qualified experts to install any electrical component in your house securely. Some of our services include –

  • Installation of a ceiling fan
  • Installation of lighting
  • Repairing outlets
  • Residential home upgrades and heavy-ups
  • Installation of an attic fan
  • Installation of a generator
  • Lighting that is broken or flickers
  • Breaker panel problems or tripped breakers
  • Wiring for appliances
  • Services for lighting repair
  • Bathroom upgrades and lighting
  • Kitchen wiring

Electric services for commercial

To function properly, your commercial firm needs consistent electrical access, lights, equipment, and appliances. Our specialists can assist you in upgrading your lighting or starting a full-scale installation for a new commercial facility. Our commercial electric services ensure that your business’s lights are always turned on.

We’ve worked on many projects, from large to small, and can guarantee that the task is done correctly and on schedule. Our qualified electricians do high-quality electrical services at a reasonable cost, including commercial electrical installations, repairs, and periodic maintenance. Listed under are some of the commercial services we provide – 

  • Decorative lighting
  • Warehouse lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Connecting a standby generator
  • Lighting in parking lots
  • Circuit system
  • Generators and backup systems
  • Installation of electrical systems
  • Commercial electrical renovations and upgrades
  • New commercial building wiring

Your home’s electrical system will almost certainly need to be upgraded at some point. Our qualified electricians provide the following electrical services – 

Ductwork services

Daily AC Inc. ensures that your HVAC system is in excellent working order, including installing, maintaining, and cleaning your ducting. Our experts are prepared to visit your house, inspect your ducting, and make any required repairs to make it as efficient as possible. In addition, if you’re installing a new HVAC system. We’ll ensure your ducting complements your heating and cooling equipment.

Thermostat repair

When it comes to controlling the comfort of your house or building, we realize how essential your thermostat is at Daily AC Inc. We fix both digital and dial thermostats. A specialist may be required to repair your thermostat if it has an internal problem. Regardless of the thermostat problem you’re having, our staff can assist you in maintaining your home’s comfort.

Circuit repairs

Our electricians will locate the root of your circuit difficulties, whether they are short-circuiting, overloaded circuits, ground faults, or other wiring issues, to prevent electrical fires and annoying circuit breaker tripping. Further, Daily AC Inc. is happy to provide complete HVAC Repair in Plantation, FL, and the surrounding area to all its clients, including circuit breaker services.

Electric wiring

Failure to properly connect your new equipment can result in significant property damage as well as a failure to adhere to current electrical safety regulations. Therefore, we aim to meet your demands with meticulous care and attention to detail. We guarantee that you will receive a wiring service that you can rely on.

Attic fan services

Although your home may function without an attic vent fan. Adding one improves the efficiency of your home’s ventilation system. It makes your attic less prone to mold, mildew, decay, and high temperatures. For an attic exhaust fan to function effectively, it must have appropriate ventilation on the outside, insulation, and sealed out from the rest of the house. Our service specialist will do an attic fan installation project to count the number of vents existing in the attic.

Why choose us?

Our certified and highly-trained electricians at Daily AC Inc. work with all the tools and supplies. For all of your electrical installations, we make sure to utilize only the best materials available.

Each of our knowledgeable electricians can swiftly identify and resolve any electrical issues. As a result, our customers can expect exceptional service and quality from us.

Are you looking for an expert HAVC Company in Davie, FL? We’ll be glad to assist you.

Why are we your best choice?

Our highly qualified experts are competitive and have extensive expertise in maintaining all brands and models of equipment. Our service hours are intended for our client’s convenience. In addition. We put in a lot of time and effort to remain up to speed on all of the newest technology and equipment advancements so that you get high-quality items. 

We can handle any size of work, from residential to commercial and light industrial buildings, to meet all of your heating, cooling, and electrical requirements.

To arrange any Electric Service in Davie and Plantation, FL, contact Daily AC Inc.’s professional HVAC repair technicians, and we will be delighted to serve you.

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