Are You Using Your Central AC Efficiently?

Are You Using Your Central AC Efficiently?

What’s better than staying indoors and spending some quality time with the family on a hot summer day? To make sure your family is comfortable, you must admit that your air conditioning unit plays a huge role. 

But are you using your air conditioning unit efficiently? Over utilizing your AC unit means more energy consumption that results in excessive utility bills. Whereas the cooling effect will not last for longer if used insufficiently. 

Read the tips given below to make sure you utilize your AC unit sufficiently – 

Change your air filters

Air filters are used to trap contaminants to make sure the air flows freely. However, it is advised to change the air filters every two months to prevent any large repairs or maintenance in the future. The efficiency of your central AC unit increases noticeably when you replace the filters and dust around the area. If you need help with this, try contacting the AC Contractor Davie FL  for support and additional guidance.

Do not use other heating appliance 

Make sure you do not place any other heating appliances near your thermostat. Your thermostat needs to be cool; bringing any other heating appliance will cause the thermostat more time to start running, and it may need to work harder pushing on the extra load. 

Clean the debris around your outdoor unit

Make sure you keep the surrounding of the condenser unit clean at all times. This allows your condensing unit to work more efficiently. If it is not sparkling clean, the hot air will not be released, and your home will not be cooled effectively. You can use a hose or a broomstick to remove any debris or fallen leaves surrounding the outdoor unit. For more efficient cleaning, call a professional from AC Service Davie FL.

Clean your drain line

Cleaning your drain line frequently can prevent it from getting clogged. Over time the clogged drain buildup bacteria and mold in your AC unit. It is best to make sure the line is clean to prevent such issues.

Use a programmable thermostat device

A programmable thermostat helps your cooling system to be more efficient as it controls the temperature. This device is best for maintaining the temperature of your household. 

Mount your AC at a shady area

If direct sunlight falls on your AC unit, this will warm up the machine, which results in lower efficiency. Therefore before installing your AC unit, it is better to advise professionals to ensure maximum cooling effect to your entire room. Covering your AC unit can also be helpful as it prevents your system from heating up. 

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