Can Your AC Run An Air Filter?

Can Your AC Run An Air Filter?

We realize it is important to keep your family comfortable at all times, especially during the sunny season. With an AC Installation Davie FL, you can ensure your family’s comfort. But their health is equally important. Compromising your health for your comfort is not an option. With rising temperatures, you depend on your AC unit to cool your household. Air filters are essential for your AC unit to run efficiently. 

These air filters are responsible for trapping the dust, debris, dirt, lint, and other bacteria to prevent them from entering inside the AC unit. Although your air conditioning unit can work perfectly fine without your air filters, experts vote against it. 

It is better to keep a spare filter on hand rather than using your air conditioning unit without an air filter. Rather you can clean up the dirty air filter and use it until you find a replacement. This is because running the AC unit without a filter is riskier than running it with a dirty one. 

Reasons why you must not run your AC unit without an air filter

The function of the air filter is used to keep the AC unit clean. Without this, there are certain issues you can face, these include – 

Allergic Reactions

The air filters trap the contaminants from entering your AC unit and are used to control the quality of the air you inhale. Without an air filter, there are chances you may develop allergic reactions such as watery eyes, a running nose, an itchy throat, and so on. This is because you inhale all the bacteria and other pollutants that cause you the allergy. In the worst cases, even respiratory problems. In situations like these, it is best to get professional Air Filter Replacement  Davie FL help.

Compressor Issues

A high chance of your AC compressor or motor getting damaged due to the lack of air filters in your system. The air filters are used to block the contaminants from entering the system. Without this, the debris can reach the system’s compressor or motor, which causes excess strain on the machinery. 

Poor Air Quality

When the air is not filtered, it is natural to expect poor air quality inside your household. There are continuous cycles of dust, debris, and dirt being in the atmosphere. This issue will eventually end up clogging your AC unit. 

Ductwork-Related Issues

Without an air filter, there are chances that the moisture present in the room will collect in your system’s ductwork. The moisture allows mold and fungus to develop within your unit. Your family will then inhale the mold, and this will cause serious health concerns to you and your loved ones. 

Higher Electricity Bills

When there are no air filters present in your AC unit, the system cannot absorb enough heat from your house. This causes your AC unit to take more time to run and cool down your place. The higher energy consumption leads to higher electricity bills. 

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