Does the AC need a tune-up every year?

Does the AC need a tune-up every year?

Your air conditioners require periodic maintenance and professional care like other electrical appliances. A tune-up is a complete examination and servicing of your air conditioner by expert technicians.

What is an AC Tune-up, and why is it necessary?

An AC tune-up plantation FL is usually done annually just before the summer season, as months of dormancy can decrease the efficiency of your system. It will help you recognize early malfunctions, prevent compressor overload and help you enjoy the maximum cooling benefits of your air conditioner in the most efficient way.

Services in Air Conditioner Tune-up in Plantation, FL

An HVAC professional takes around 15-20 minutes to complete an inspection of your air conditioner and to prepare a possible malfunctioning report. They help prevent unexpected breakdowns and help you save hundreds of dollars on repairing and replacing air conditioners. Excellent services offered in professional AC Repair Davie include:

●      Complete professional cleaning of both indoor and outdoor units.

Dust and debris in the air get trapped on the surface of the air filter, coils, compressor, and other parts of your HVAC system and, over time, hampers its efficiency. Professional cleaning helps remove dust, increases the longevity of your system, and improves the quality of the air being circulated. 

●      Complete inspection and evaluation of the functioning of your air conditioner. 

Professional inspection and evaluation help you recognize early signs of system malfunctions and prevent costly repairs. Investing annually in a tune-up service is cheaper than replacing broken air conditioner units. Schedule a service appointment at your earliest convenience if you notice any trouble. 

●      Inspection of the drain lines. 

Drain pipes help remove the moisture generated during the cooling cycle over the condenser and the evaporator coils. Therefore, it is essential to regularly wash the drain lines to minimize water damage complaints like short-circuiting, compressor overload, and dipping water from the indoor unit.

●      Check all electrical connections.

A complete electrical checkup is done to detect any loose wires, improper connections, and moisture in the circuits. They help minimize electrical overconsumption due to faulty and open courses. 

●      Refrigerant optimization. 

The function of refrigerant in your system is to help in the cooling process of the air. Inadequate refrigerant can cause ineffective cooling. You can improve your air conditioner’s efficiency and cooling capacity by maintaining optimal refrigerant levels. 

●      Full thermostat calibration.

Proper cleaning and calibration of the thermostat ensures adequate functioning and prevents AC short cycling and compressor overload due to improper thermostat reading.

Advantages of AC Maintenance Davie, FL.

● Improves the general efficiency of your AC and lowers utility bills.
● Helps you save hundreds of dollars on repair and replacement bills. 
● Improves the longevity of your air conditioner by up to 30 years. 
● Prevents unexpected breakdowns and increases comfort at home. 


Avoid unexpected breakdowns amid summer heat by scheduling the best HVAC Company Davie, FLContact Daily AC, Inc. today and enjoy the maximum efficiency of your air conditioner in the most budget-friendly way. Schedule an appointment today.

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