Frequency Of Using An Air Conditioner

Frequency Of Using An Air Conditioner

AC owners often ignore how long they use their air conditioners each day. Here are some factors to keep in mind for deciding the running hours of your air conditioner:

Air conditioner Type

Three common types of air conditioners are available in the market. If your air conditioner is central AC, you should run it for about 8 hours daily as it is the most energy-efficient type. 

In the case of a window AC, it should run for about 12 hours a day. Lastly, portable AC, which is the least efficient, needs 16 hours of running to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

Size of Air Conditioner

Along with different types, air conditioners are available in numerous sizes. Larger air conditioners do not necessarily mean they are efficient. They will consume more energy due to their size, and your electricity bill will rise. 

Smaller sizes consume less energy, and you can run them for more hours. You can contact a skilled professional who provides Air Conditioning Service in Plantation, FL, to understand which air conditioner size is better for you.

Climatic Conditions

One of the main factors that help you understand the running hours of your air conditioners is to know about your area’s climate. For example, if you are in a cold region, you should not run your air conditioner for long periods. 

If you are in a hot geographic location, you should purchase an energy-efficient air conditioner because you need to run it for many hours.

Efficient Air Conditioner

Dirty air filters and dirt in the air conditioner’s coils are some reasons why your air conditioner’s efficiency drops. As a result, your air conditioner will consume more energy, and it will be incapable of cooling your room. You should timely check on these parts and clean them to maintain the air conditioner’s efficiency. 

Efficient air conditioners do not need to run for hours; they will still cool your room quickly. You should contact a professional technician regularly for AC Tune-up Davie, FL to maintain the efficiency of your system.

Home Insulation

You should check your insulation system is working because it also determines the number of hours you should run your AC. Poor insulation can directly affect the running hours. If your home insulation has problems, your air conditioners must run for hours. 


Seasonal Energy-Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is the value of how much cooling an AC does for every watt of energy it consumes. The latest air conditioner models have a SEER of 15 or higher, so you should purchase such models for more cooling at a lesser energy consumption value.


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