How Long Should An AC Unit Last In Florida?

How Long Should An AC Unit Last In Florida?

Florida possesses a warmer temperature throughout the year, and the only way to tolerate the heat is by staying cool indoors. Most homeowners have an AC installed in their homes. It is suggested that for the longevity and efficiency of your AC unit, AC maintenance in Davie, FL, should be performed. 

A beginner's Guide to the Longevity of Your AC Unit

You need to understand that the more complex your AC unit works, the higher the chance it will break soon. Living in Florida with an efficient AC unit for a long time is hard. Florida is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Thus, it has a wide range of beaches, making it one of the hottest states in the US.

The scorching heat of Florida makes the AC unit work harder than expected. It can lead to several issues with the AC. The AC may not release cold air, not turn on, unpleasant odor, weird noises, water leaks, and many others. If you reside in Plantation, FL, any local HVAC contractor will suggest an air conditioner tune-up. Call for AC tune-up in Plantation, FL, if you find any such issues with your system.

The air conditioner system tries to keep your room cool and maintain a steady temperature in your house. Unfortunately, it triggers extreme pressure on the unit; ultimately, the system erodes when it is incompetent to release cold air even after working harder. Hence, the more complex the air conditioner works, it will likely last for a short period. 

Is Regular Maintenance of the AC Essential?

Regular maintenance will save your unit from going to the grave within a few months of working. If you treat the system well, it will last for a longer time than you expected. Unfortunately, a brand-new air conditioner is expensive, and one cannot afford it yearly. 
People usually invest in an air conditioner system, thinking it will last a lifetime. Although you cannot guarantee lifetime air conditioner longevity. There are a few ways in which you can maintain the system’s efficiency in the long run. These include:

  • Switching off the unit when not in use.
  • Regular servicing.
  • Cleaning the air filters.
  • Adjusting thermostat temperatures.

A well-maintained AC unit will likely last more than 15 years in Florida. However, the unit may last only for ten years without any maintenance. 

To Monitor Whether Your AC Requires a Check-Up or Not, Follow These Simple Steps:

  • Examine the unit’s age. Schedule annual servicing to maintain the system’s efficiency.
  • Note the room’s humidity. AC consists of evaporator coils specially designed to maintain the room’s humidity. If it is not working correctly, you may require repairing or replacement depending on the system’s condition.

You will note a sudden hike in your utility bills. It will signal a breakdown of the air conditioner system. Hence, the question of AC’s longevity in Florida depends on how well you treated it. But don’t worry. We are here to assist you with the AC issues.


You can maintain the system’s efficiency by scheduling an appointment with your nearest HVAC contractor. They may suggest air filter replacement in Davie, FLor the surrounding areas if your air conditioner unit cannot cope with the heat. In addition, you can visit Daily AC Inc. Contact us for additional information.

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