Want to Improve Your AC Performance in High Humidity? Here is how!

Want to Improve Your AC Performance in High Humidity? Here is how!

The highly humid days are the most exasperating ones as the humidity level takes away your energy and makes you feel drained and exhausted. The same applies to your air conditioner. The humidity affects your air conditioner and disturbs the AC performance. Sometimes, the increasing humidity level makes it difficult for your AC unit to cool down your house effectively and desirably. As a result, your home’s humidity remains the same, making it even more uncomfortable and unbearable.

How Humidity Level Affects the AC Performance?

Air conditioners cool down your home by removing the heat and moisture from the air. When the humidity level is comparatively high, your air conditioner needs to work harder. And if the device doesn’t have enough capacity, it can be challenging for the system to cope with extreme humidity. As a result, your home will not be comfortable.

There are a few signs that show that the humidity level is higher in the indoor air:

  • Your skin feels clammy even when you are inside your home.
  • The windows of your house get foggy. It happens due to the vaporization of the humidity in the air, which fogs up the windows.
  • You can sense a musty odor inside your house. As the humidity causes dampness inside your home, you can end up with this unpleasant problem.

How to Deal with Humidity and Increase Your AC Performance?

You can’t control the humidity level in the air. But you can take control of your air conditioner and deal with a high humidity level. The AC Company Davie FL can help you deal with the situation with expert advice and guidance. But there are a few steps that can help you stay pleasant and relaxed even during high humidity days.

Use Dehumidifiers

This is the single best way to deal with high humidity and improve your AC performance. When you have a dehumidifier installed inside your house, it pulls moisture from the air and stops the air with moisture from getting forced through the air ducts. Contact an HVAC Service  Plantation FL who can pair up your air conditioner system with a dehumidifier.

Installing a dehumidifier inside your house helps your air conditioner to work effectively. You may feel more relaxed and more refreshed under this condition. As a bonus, you will also experience a noticeable drop in your home utility bill. That is because, with a dehumidifier, your AC won’t have to work harder, and it will be able to cool down your home correctly.

Set Your Thermostat Right

Your air conditioner can handle even the higher level of humidity when the thermostat setting is right. Many homeowners use the thermostat’s FAN ON setting to take control of the humidity level to some extent. The fan runs continuously with this setting even when the air conditioner is not working, and moves the air. It gets some cooling effect to your home. But it makes the humidity condition even worse. Keep your thermostat in “Cool” mode, and don’t use the fan during high humidity days.

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