What To Do If Your Air Conditioning Breaks Down?

What To Do If Your Air Conditioning Breaks Down?

Summer is the worst time for your AC to malfunction. Unfortunately, it is not rare for old or poorly maintained air conditioning systems to fail while continuing to work against such high temperatures. 

Suppose a breakdown occurs, discomforting you and your family during summer. 

What To Do If There is An AC Breakdown?

The immediate actions you should take while seeking AC Tune- up in Plantation, FL are discussed in this article.

1.Examine the Circuit Breaker and the Power Supply

Air conditioners can end up causing surges in electricity consumption, tripping the circuit breaker, and turning the power off. 

You can check the circuit breaker to see if the switch has been flipped. Then, flip it back on to see if the air conditioning returns.

2.Inspect your Thermostat

Don’t freak out and think you require AC repair right away. The batteries may sometimes be dead, or the entire unit may malfunction. Therefore, restart your thermostat and see if the air conditioning starts functioning. 

If there are no changes, go to your physical AC unit and manually turn it on. If it starts, you know the issue is with your thermostat that needs to be replaced.

3.Investigate Electrical or Water Damage

If there is no problem with the thermostat or circuit breaker, inspect for electric or water damage. It leads to corrosion or leaking tubes inside the unit, and you will need to call a professional to repair it.

Do not touch any wire and do not stand close to the unit until professional help comes and inspects the cooling system to fix the problem.

How to avoid AC breakdowns

To avoid AC breakdowns in the future, follow these suggestions:

1.Changing Air Filters

Running an air conditioner with a clogged or dirty air filter is one of the most common causes of AC breakdown. As a result, monitoring and changing your filter once a month will considerably reduce the possibility of your cooling system failure during summer.

2.Sign up for AC Tune-Up

Providing expert HVAC servicing is one of the most effective ways to avoid sudden AC failures. Leakage, blockage, and other potential threats can be easily detected in the early stage and resolved during maintenance and AC tune-ups.

AC tune-up ensures your air conditioner continues functioning at its maximum efficiency without succumbing to unforeseen failures. Hire a professional AC Company Davie FL for regular and annual maintenance. 

3.Keeping Air Vents Free From Obstacles

A constant stream of air enters your home through the vents and registers of your air conditioning system. Therefore, it would be best if you verified that no furnishings, indoor plants, or other home items restrict their airflow path, whether near the ceiling or above the ground.

As a result, the room may cool slowly, causing your air conditioner to work more, overheat, and break down more frequently.

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